The Light Between Souls ~ a story 


set on two worlds of two wandering 


souls, whose cultures are separated 

by over 30,000 years.



Grading Scale - the story of second chances for two young Angels

Claire – Who banished herself out of shame for breaking the rules by saving a young girl’s life in France AD214.


Rachel – The Fallen Angel cast into Darkness for killing a man in order to save a woman’s life in AD414.


Arthur – The wise old Angel, mentor to Claire and Rachel, who is charged with guiding them through their redemption to the Ranks of Angels.


Assignment – Rachel and Claire must navigate the emotionally charged world of teenagers, while attending high school and fumbling their way through helping two students and their families.

On the Way Home - a political thriller

This is the story of Harold Robertson, retired high school history teacher, and former US Congressman, whose dream was to one day be POTUS.

In a country torn asunder by radical political ideology, he is the man with the much needed Integrity that the White House demands.

Harold has lost his wife to an aneurysm and his brother to the war in Vietnam, and needs reach deep within himself to find his center again.

At a Naturalization Ceremony held at Mt. Rushmore on Memorial Day, 2015, he is confronted by an act of terrorists that drives him deep into the his core. It is here that he rediscovers his inner strength and dream.

It is also here that he finds love again with someone from his past.